Mechanical Circular Chart Recorder

Basic Description

Mechanical chart recorders are reliable and accurate for recording of pressure in many applications. New in the field, we are yet manufacturing and supplying chart recorders for industry in INDIA at present SUNSUI recorders are designed for indoor as well as outdoor use and designed and developed for harsh environment.

Key Features:

  • Made of Mild Steel to prevent distortion or warping
  • Pressure recorder air vent holes.
  • Durable Stainless Steel High Grade Pr essure Elements
  • Single Pen And Two Pen Available
  • Weatherproof Construction in Black /Gray Co lor Finish.
  • Door lockable with durable glasswindow.
  • Rugged model for out door application.
  • Corrossion resistant Internal Structure.
  • Replacable Fiber Tip pens and adjustable lin ks.
  • Circular Paper Charts in 10" size.
  • Front dooropening recorders to change ch arts,pens or
  • batteries as well winding of mechanical clo cks.
  • Corrosion resistant under coat and black coat for long lasting and rust free usage.
  • Doors with sealed lock.
  • Flush mount case.
  • Pressure connections are located at the rear bottom of the case or it may also vary according to your requirement.
  • All internal components are corrosion resistant.
  • Wall Mount - Pressure connection at bottom of the case
  • Flush Mount - Pressure connection at back of the case
  • Pipe Stand Mount - Optional
  • Portable - Pressure connection and back and bottom of the case with handle on top

Technical Specifications
Bar Pressure (Kg/Cm) Bourdon
100 101.972 SS 316L
200 203.943 SS 316L
300 407.886 SS 316L
400 713.801 SS 316L
500 1019.72 SS 316L