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BUC 103 MB

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Basic Information

SUNSUI PROCESS SYSTEMS Presents New & unique model of Universal Calibrator suitable for process instruments having mV, mA & RTD signals for calibration of all type of Instruments. Compact battery cum power operated model BUC 103 which have source / sink facility by rugged mechanical connector & toggle switch. 4-1/2 digit large display, sufficient large scale for all 3/4 sources, self-calibration facilities.with 24Vdc & 0 10 Vdc additional feature.

Specialty of our calibrator is RTD readings are direct in degree 'C' instead of ohms / resistance & can feed accordingly. Light weight easy to carry in bag. Mains operated as battery consumption will be less & restricted. We provide calibration certification traceable to NPL STD

Universal Calibrators BUC 103 MB

Technical Specifications

Function Range Resolution at
Accuracy Load
DC mV ( Source / Sink ) 199.9 0.1 mV ±0.1% of
5 mA Max
DC mA (Source / Sink) 25 mA 10µV ±0.1% of
5000 20 mA
RTD(Source / Sink) -100 to
+400°C OR
247.0 n
100 µΩ ±0.15% of
(For or to
0.25 watts
  • Portable Battery & Mains ( 240VAC / 50Hz ) operated
  • LCD Display
  • Source and sink for mV, mA, & RTD
  • Light weight & with carry bag
  • Direct feed switch for mV / mA RTD
  • Power on switch