Wireless Data Loggers

Wireless Data Loggers

Wireless Data Loggers
Wireless Data Loggers
Wireless Data Loggers

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Basic Description

This system is used for multi-point data accumulation e.g. if there are multiple points where temperature & Humidity (or any two analog parameters) are to be monitored and recorded locally. The alarms will be generated locally. Such multiple instruments will be interfaced to a PC through a centralized receiver.

Wireless Data Loggers Wi-Fi-04-UL

Technical Specifications

Analog Inputs PT100 / PT100 / 4 – 20 mAmp / 0 – 5 VDC / Thermocouple (Type J / K / R / S) (Universal Input – User Settable)
Excitation Voltage : Excitation Voltage for sensors is generated through the data logger keeping the sensor alive on the internal battery in case of main power failure.
Display :  16 Character x 2 Line alphanumeric LCD Display
A - D Converter : 18 Bit Analog to Digital Converter
Logging Interval :  1 Sec. to 1hour ( User Selectable )
Logging Types :   Continuous / Value Triggered / Time based
Data Storage :  60,000 Samples (Expandable to 120,000 Samples)
Data Retrieval :   Data Retrieval on a PC through Wireless receiver
Real Time :    Internal Real Time Clock with Battery Back Up
Output :   Wireless Communications ( 2.4GHz License Free )
Alarm :       Local Audio - Visual alarm
Operating Power : Mains Power operated adapter / charger provided with the system with Internal rechargeable Li - Ion battery.
Operating Time :  Approx. 6 Hours when fully charged
Battery Life :   Approx. 4 Years
Application Areas

Blood Banks, Pharmaceutical store rooms, Deep Freezer Temperature Monitoring, HVAC room temperature monitoring, Plastic molding plants, applications where production / production parameters are need to be monitored centrally.

Optional Features
  • USB port for each data logger to download the stored data locally
  • GSM ( SMS Facility ) in the receiver to report the alarming conditions to the concerned persons over SMS