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Wireless Data Loggers
Wireless Data Loggers
Wireless Data Loggers

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Basic Description

The product is very useful for low cost application and can be used where single process parameter is to be monitored. Due to battery operated operation monitoring of any process parameter during transit is also feasible. The data is stored during the transit based on the set logging interval and post the consignment is reached at destination data is retrieved using USB port to PC software for report generation.


Technical Specification

Input PT100 / PT1000 / 4 – 20 mA / 0 – 5 0 1 VDC / J Type Thermocouple / K Type Thermocouple
Indication 3 Digit LCD Display
Data Storage 60,000 Samples (Expandable to 120,000 Samples)
Logging Interval 1 Sec. to 24 hour (User Selectable)
Logging Types Time based or Value Triggered ( Factory settable )
Real Time Internal Real Time Clock with Battery Back Up
Output USB Port
Alarm Local Alarm Indication
Operating Power Internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Operating Time More than One month when fully Charged
Battery Life Approx. 4 Years
Application Areas
  • Cold Room Temperature Monitoring :
  • Like blood banks, Pharmaceutical store rooms, Deep Freezer temperature monitoring, HVAC room temperature monitoring

  • Cold Chain Monitoring Systems
  • Like temperature monitoring in Drugs, food, blood while in transportation