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Digital Data Loggers
Digital Data Loggers
Digital Data Loggers

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Digital Data Loggers

SUNDAT - 27 :

Dual display for channel Number & process value

Input : Universal (mv, ma, RTD, vdc) or defined

Range : as per sensor or programmable

Scan Time : 125 ms Internal Processor

Log time : 1 sec to 2 hrs. Programmable

Memory : 760 mb (approx 1500 log time per ch.)

Output : Rs. 232 / Rs. 485 (Mod Bus ) USB 4 direct Printer o/p,

Alarm : common Alarm no/nc with indivisual
LED per ch.,

No. of ch : 1/2/4/8/16/24/32 channels. Cut out

Size : up to 4 ch - 96*96 8/16 ch-96*196 24/32 ch 192*192

Power supply : 240 VAC/50Hz

Optional : Pen drive up to 4 GB externally attached PC based standard Software
Digital Data Loggers
Digital Data Loggers