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Conformal Coatings on PCB Assembly

Conformal Coatings on PCB Assembly

• Data Loggers
• Chart Recorders
• Weather Stations
• Universal Calibrators
• Signal Isolator, Convertor, Transmitter and Transducer
• Sensors And Transmitters

Basic Information

CONINS PUNE is well established in the field of Conformal Coating. Our Acrylcoat Conformal Coating is well accepted in the Electronics industries. The product enjoys excellent reputation for its quality. CONINS PUNE has a state of the art manufacturing plant and a well-equipped R&D facility for developing and testing its products with totally indigenous technology. This is backed by highly qualified and well experienced Engineers. Consistency in quality CONINS PUNE ‘hallmark.

Conformal Coatings on PCB Assembly

Technical Specifications

Conformal Coating : Technical Datasheet
Appearance ( Liquid &Coated Film) Clear / Transparent / Smooth & Glossy
Specific Gravity (Density@25Deg C) 0-85 to 0.9
Viscosity@25Deg C 30-35 sec (Zans G1 Cup)
Flash Point <40
Comparative Tracking Index (CTI Value) 600
Coating Thickness (Single/Double Light Coat ) 20-22 Recomonded
Dielectric Strength 30 KV/mm
Thermal Cycling(MIL-1-46058-C-AR) Meets Approval (C-OOT)
Moisture Resistance
(M I L-1-46058-C-AR)
Meets Approval (C-OOT)
Insulation Resistance Meets Approval (C-OOT)
Fungus Resistance Passes
Withstand Temperature (Film) -50 to 130 Deg C
Coverage Area (20 IJm Film 500 ml Aerosol) 2m2
Film Traceable Under UV Lamp
Drying Time
Touch To Dry
Hard Dry
Pre &Post Heating of PCB For coating

5-7 Min
2 Hrs
Dry with 1 Minute
Hard Dry- 5-10 Min
Curing Time 12-24 Hrs
Optimum Properties Provides Protection Against
High Voltage Arcing and crena shorts
7 Days
Available Packages
Acrylcoat 500 ml Aerosol
Acrylcoat 01 Liter Jar Lacquer
Acrylcoat 05 Liter Jar Lacquer
Acrylcoat 200 Liter Jar Lacquer

(1 Box X 20 Nos.)
(1 Box X 10 Nos.)
(1 Box X 04 Nos.)
(01 Barrel)

To Prevent From :
  • Moisture
  • Oxidation
  • Fungus
  • Conductive Particle Dust
  • Extreme Humid Conditions
Special Feature :
  • 100% Eco - Friendly
  • Economical in use
  • Good Dielectric Strength
  • Excellent Adhesion to all surfaces
  • Easily Solderable; Servicing is easy
  • Prevents fungus growth, Rust, Corrosion
  • Excellent in high humid conditions
  • Protects component leads from corrosion
  • Fast curing
  • Contains UV Tracer for easy inspection
Applicable on :
  • PCB Assemblies Solder Side / Mounting Side
  • UPS Manufacturers
  • Energy Meter Manufacturers
  • Led Lighting Manufacturers
  • Computer Manufacturer
  • TV, Washing Machine, Digital Sound Systems
  • Led Scrolling Display
  • Any Metal Surface
  • Screen Printing Protect From Sea Weather
  • Insulating Electrical Bus Bars
  • Electrical Dlstrubutlon Boxes
  • Electroninc Instrumentation Manufacturers
  • Solar Cells


ELCOAT is a pale yellow colour transparent, solfer able. Resin base conformal coating applied by brush or Dipping process and PCB Assemblies insulate Electrically. Hard this occurs which protects from Environmental conditions.

ELCOAT is mostly used in electricallt contacts as insulating compound which is lifelong having Dielectric strength 50 Kv/mm and withstand upto 15 Deg C.

Applicable on switchgear / Bus Bars / Transformer / Connectors / Distributions Boxes etc. to Protect and failure from Environmental Conditions.


Properties (Typical)
Product Code Lacquer
Clear, Transparant, Smooth & Glossy
Drying Time
Touch Dry : <10 mts. Hard dry: 2 hrs.
Cure Time
24 hrs. Optimum Properties: 7 days.
Working Temp.
Upto 120 Deg C
Di-electric strength
60 kV/mm.
Viscosity of Lacquer
30 secs zahn G1 @1230 Deg C
Self extinguishing (coating)
Liquid : highly flammable
Applications :

Aerosal : Clean and dry the surface to be coated thoroughly. Spray Acrylcoat from a distance of 15-20 cms from the surface evenly. Better result can be obtained if cured in a ventillated oven @60 Deg C for 1 hour.

Lacquer :
Acylcoat lacquer can be applied by brushing, Dipping or by spraying. This can be used in a Dip coating Machine or can be applied by a dispenser

Storage : Store in a cool dry place below 40 C. Keep away from naked flame or flammable material. The contents are highly inflammable. Destroy the container after use.

Precautions : Liquid Highly Flammable (Film Not Flammable). Contact with Skin /Eye /Inhalation.
Should be avoided. If contact use plenty of water to wash with soap, ventilate the Area.
Keep away from open Flames and Flammable materials. While using adequately ventilated area.
While applying spray/ Lacquer place it near window with exhaust fan ON.
Sr. No. Products Name Products Nos. Packaging Viscosity
1 ACRYLCOAT - AERSOAL   500 ml 30
2 ACRYLCOAT - LACQUER LQ - 30 1, 5, 25, 100 Liter 30
3 ACRYLCOAT - LACQUER LQ - 60 1, 5, Liter 60
4 ACRYLCOAT - LACQUER LQ - 100 1, 5, Liter 100
5 ACRYLCOAT - FOR LED LIGHTING LGT - SPL-60 1, 5, 25, 100 Liter 60
6 ELCOAT - LACQUER EL-30 1, 5, 25, 100 Liter 30
7 ELCLEAN ELC-30 1, 5, 25, 100 Liter