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Aviation Weather Systems
Aviation Weather Systems
Aviation Weather Systems
Aviation Weather Systems

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Aviation Weather Systems
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Aviation Weather Systems

DCWIS- Digital Current Weather Indicating system :

• Completely indigenous Weather parameter reporting system

• Suitable for Indian Environmental & operating conditions.

• Designed in accordance with ICAO, WMO & IMD specifications

• Reads Wind Parameters, temperature, Humidity & Barometric Pressure at touch-down zone & transmits the data over cable & over Wireless communication to Air Traffic Controller & as well to Met Briefing Rooms

• Accurate Data processing & fast data transmission to minimize time lags

• Long term, accurate and reliable data storage

• Various slave displays designed as per operator's class & use

• Conventional Trend printing facility along with numerical data printing on stand-alone printer

• Efficient & user friendly Software with multiple screens for efficient data analysis & fast data reporting to the concerned
departments & persons

Aviation Weather Systems
Aviation Weather Systems